This just in: most US broadcasting networks’ fall premiere dates are out. Most notable date so far for me: Sleepy Hollow will return to FOX on September 22, and on the same day, Gotham will have it’s series premiere!

DOCTOR WHO SERIES 8 HAS A PREMIERE DATE. Mark August 23rd in your calendars. Another major bit of news: get your Jäger, get your rangers — Pacific Rim 2 is coming to cinemas worldwide on April 7, 2017. Read the news and watch a video of Guillermo del Toro telling you all about it on

On Crime and Relative Dimension in Space,

you will find star systems, (consulting) detectives, secret agents, and almost human androids chasing headless horsemen. A brief word about me: I read English and Cultural Studies at university and after my Bachelor’s degree, I did what impatient English majors do and went corporate (online marketing), but my penchant for lively literary analysis is alive and kicking. My areas of expertise and particular interest include narrative criticism and the exploration of gender dynamics and associated economic/racial/educational power imbalances in narrative and social contexts, but I’m also here for fandom meta and incoherent flailing whenever a new Doctor Who trailer gets released.

Crime and Relative Dimension in Space logoShows currently in orbit…

include Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Elementary, Scott & Bailey, Lewis, and Hannibal. One recent addition is the Gothic series Penny Dreadful. Of the new shows that are premiering over the summer, I want to take a closer look at stuff like The Strain, The Leftovers, and the more up-beat Taxi Brooklyn. Are you excited for the new fall shows as well? I’m stoked for The KnickGotham and American Crime, I gotta tell you. I’m still on the fence about Halt and Catch Fire, though.

But that’s not all:

The archive is chockfull with shows like Luther, Lewis, Whitechapel, Scott & Bailey and Suits. There’s also always time for an entertaining mini-series… if Fargo or Penny Dreadful are right up your alley, stay tuned.

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