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you will find star systems, (consulting) detectives, secret agents, and almost human androids chasing headless horsemen.

Fall season has begun! With so many shows kicking off in late September, the new reviewing season has started as well. Let’s see who makes the cut past the first two weeks…

Shows currently in orbit…

include GothamSleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Scott & Bailey, Lewis, How to Get Away with Murder.  That’s one of the luxuries I can afford myself in not doing this for a living — I get to pick and choose. I don’t want to review something that wastes my time for the sake of sticking it out. That helps both me and you — I spend my time with fun stuff only, and you get to read more actual fun stuff instead of me ranting and raving. Unless that’s what you’re here for, in which case I should direct you to NBC’s Dracula, which I did indeed stick with just to have something to gripe about. Speaking of the stacks: the archive is chockfull with shows like Luther, Sherlock, Elementary, Almost Human, Whitechapel, and Suits.

this is the cutest shot of Abbie and Ichabod ever

Sleepy Hollow

Based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, the show made its debut in September 2013 and immediately found its place in the hearts of fans of the supernatural and horror persuasion. With its traditionally Christian religious imagery intertwined with witchcraft and dark magic and the occult, with its unapologetically boisterous and fun-loving, […]

How to Get Away with Murder promo

How to Get Away with Murder

On How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis stars as a criminal law professor and defence attorney who chooses a group of her top students — to teach them exactly that. The show features a diverse cast of young and experienced actors alike. As of its premise, the show works on two levels. One, we see […]



Now, Gotham‘s not quite a reboot, nor an origin story — at least it doesn’t want to be. Following Detective James “Saint Jim” Gordon (Ben Mackenzie) through the streets of one of the most famous fictional cities, Gotham wants to tell the tale of Batman’s true love, the city itself. How it fell apart, how it sank […]


Agent Carter

Companion spin-off to MARVEL’S Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter centres on Peggy’s life in the founding days of SHIELD, fending off Hydra operatives, idiots, and Howard Stark’s meddling. Picking up Peggy’s (Hayley Atwell) life after the end of the war, Agent Carter shows its heroine bereft of purpose, feeling that the sacrifices she and others made […]

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A brief word about me: I read English and Cultural Studies at university and after my Bachelor’s degree, I did what impatient English majors do and went corporate (online marketing), but my penchant for lively literary analysis is alive and kicking. My areas of expertise and particular interest include narrative criticism and the exploration of gender dynamics and associated economic/racial/educational power imbalances in narrative and social contexts, but I’m also here for fandom meta and incoherent flailing whenever a new Doctor Who trailer gets released.

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